Buying a house for us was a very emotional decision with tremendous financial implications.  What complicated it more is we (my wife, 9-year old son and I) recently relocated from MI, a place we’ve called home for several years.  Finding the right house in the right community is very important to help us, particularly my son, transition to our new life here in TX.  We were very fortunate to be introduced to Carmen DiPenti.  Carmen is the best realtor you can find in the Dallas, Fort Worth TX area.  He is extremely professional on how he worked with us.  He has this unique ability to connect and communicate well to both my wife and me.  He sympathetically listened to our concerns during the emotional roller coaster and provided us with well thought out advice.  He was always there when we needed to contact him, responding to our text messages in a matter of minutes and calls back the moment he gets a free time.  Having Carmen to talk when we needed to, helped minimize our anxieties.  He is very knowledgeable with contract terminologies and can interpret it in practical layman’s terms.  He was very patient going through all the documents, from making the initial offer, working with the home inspector to understand the inspection report, to signing the final contract.  He worked directly with our loan officer and insurance agent to iron out issues, this really helped facilitate the process.

To sum up how we feel about Carmen, he is a realtor who genuinely cares.  We will definitely work with him again in the future and have already been recommending him to our friends, that’s how much we trust and vouch for him.

Mich & Antonette Fabriga

We were looking for a second home in Dallas, and knew far more about what we didn’t want than what we wanted. After working with a different agent for a while, we switched to Carmen on a friend’s recommendation. Carmen lined up dozens of places for us to look at online, and asked for our candid feedback on each one. We kept narrowing the list and arranged a visit. Carmen showed us nine different places in one afternoon – and we didn’t like any of them! While we were discouraged, Carmen just told us that we had narrowed down his search and that the right place would come.

One afternoon we got the phone call. Carmen told us to look at the listing he had just sent us – and it looked perfect. He rushed over to meet the listing realtor before the sign went up and FaceTimed us on a virtual tour. We wrote an offer on the listing and flew down a few days later for a walkthrough. Without Carmen’s hustle and initiative we would likely have missed this unique townhouse entirely.

Carmen was proactive and thorough every step of the way. He reminded us of important deadlines before closing, advised us on home warranties, followed up with post-inspection items, and kept us on track through the holidays and even while we travelled out of the country. After the sale closed, Carmen has followed up with us continuously, even offering to drop by the house to take in a package that came before we moved in. We can’t recommend him more highly.

John & Amy Brown
St. Louis & Dallas

Carmen was great to work with.  He took the time to ask questions to understand our needs and help us to understand the sales process. His professionalism and expertise resulted in excellent advice to help us to stage the house appropriately.  His advise and collaboration with a talented photographer resulted in beautiful pictures to feature online and on his social media channels. In addition, the printed materials were of very high quality, featured not only the property but also highlighted the advantages of living in the area.  We would be happy to work with him on either sales or purchases.

Gary Scott & Brad Hale

Carmen went above and beyond what most realtors would do and far exceeded my expectations for what a realtor can do to help in the home buying process! In a tight market when houses go quickly it is important for someone to be on your side to help you find the right place for you, and Carmen did just that every step of the way. The place I eventually bought was one that came on the market while I was halfway across the country and Carmen was able to show me the house and secure the deal before I even got back to Dallas, of course with the appropriate options for once I got back into town, and made the whole process almost effortless for me. He really set the bar high for what to expect your realtor to do for you. He always went the extra mile and even was able to meet people at the property and schedule people to come out when I was unavailable. In a market like this I think it would’ve been nearly impossible to close on this deal as quickly and easily as I did without Carmen’s help. Carmen is also my advocate all along the way, never pushy, and just great guy all-around and I now have a new friend in Dallas! I would definitely recommend Carmen to my friends, colleagues, and loved ones if they want an outstanding realtor when the time comes.

Thomas O’Neill

What is the true sign of a happy client?  They keep coming back to you years after the first sale.  That’s what we did.  Carmen helped us find our first home in Dallas and we were so happy with how he operated that when it came time to find a new home for our growing family, there was no doubt in our minds he was our guy.  Integrity, trust, commitment.  His core values are what kept us coming back to him.  He is always on your side and works tirelessly behind the scenes.

When friends or coworkers need help buying or selling their home, I don’t hesitate in referring Carmen.  I rest assured knowing he will give it his all to make things happen!

Alex Gonzalez & Bianca Batista
Grand Prairie

I worked with Carmen in the September-October time frame of 2017.  Because of personal reasons, I had to sell my downtown condo right after the peak season of August had concluded, and I needed it to move fast.  After our first meeting, he was able to get a professional photographer over in just a couple days (after I finished my thorough cleaning) and get the property on the market quickly after that.  We priced the property on the top of the market, and had an offer on the table at asking in about 2 days.  Carmen was extremely responsive and helpful through the whole process, even when I had to leave and work with him remotely from out of state.  I would confidently recommend Carmen to friends and family; he is a smart guy that is committed to building and maintaining a reputation as a top agent in the industry.

Robert Lacy
Downtown Dallas

I recently closed on a property with the help of Carmen Dipenti. I’ve dealt with a lot of very good real estate agents and I have to say that Carmen went beyond what’s expected of a great real estate agent. He guided me and informed me accurately through the whole process helping close on a great property at a great price in a very short period of time. I intend to recommend him any opportunity I get.

Alex Rangel
Rangel Quality Air Conditioning

I have never know a professional to work as tirelessly for his clients as Carmen does! My husband and I were first-time home buyers coming out of a disappointing situation with another realtor, hoping for the best but not knowing what to expect. Our expectations were shattered with Carmen. From the time we had our first meeting to closing on our house took 2 1/2 months in a highly competitive market and price point. Along the way he had our best interest in mind and it obvious that he cares for his clients.  He goes above and beyond the ensure that you get a home that works well for you and that it’s a smart investment. I recommend Carmen to anyone looking buy or sell!

Jeff & Courtney Jones

As a first time homebuyer, I was fortunate to have met Carmen at an open house.   After working with him over the span of a few months, I can’t say enough about his depth of knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Early in the process, he could have easily advised me to accept a counteroffer and been done with the transaction.  However, he continued to show me other properties and encouraged me to be patient, and we ultimately found a property that was more suitable and valuable.  During the inspection process, he worked quickly to investigate all the potential issues, which ultimately helped in the negotiation.  At no time was Carmen ever pushy, and he always gave the pros and cons at each step along the way.  Without hesitation, I would recommend him for your home buying and selling needs.

Bryan Hatfield

Since moving to Dallas last year, my husband and I tossed around the idea of buying a house. We’ve moved around A LOT, but knew Dallas was going to be our permanent home. Coming to a brand new city can be hard because you don’t know anyone. Who can you trust? Buying a home is a HUGE deal and trusting a random stranger with a task this important was a tough pill for my husband and I to swallow. But, my mom was visiting, so we thought it would be fun to at least see what was out on the market…we didn’t even really know for sure if or when we’d actually buy.

We met Carmen at the first open house. We were so impressed right away with how easy going and honest he was. It was like we were becoming great friends! The house wasn’t really what we were looking for (only had 2 bedrooms and we definitely needed 3). Carmen wasn’t pushy at all. He didn’t try to make us love a house that wouldn’t work. But he did offer to take my information and send me listings on houses that fit our criteria. In any other situation, I probably would have said “No thank you.” Getting spammed and pressured is not something I enjoy, but I knew from our short conversation that Carmen was different so I gave him my information and we went on our way.

We had our eye on another house that had just came back on the market. I sent a message through Zillow and received a call back from the listing agent so we met him an hour or so later. The house was AWFUL! The floor was so uneven…if there was snow, you could have went sledding. All the agent said was “Well, with a house this age, you’ll have some settling.” We quickly said our goodbyes and got out of there! That confirmed what we were already thinking… we wanted to only work with Carmen!

We started contacted him about other houses we liked and he was always so quick to respond. I’m the type where I can easily get excited about something but Carmen was always the voice of reason! He’d point things out I didn’t even notice and would explain everything so we could easily understand.

After several houses, we found our dream home! This is the really tough part! Making bids…waiting…inspections…paperwork. I thank my lucky stars to this day that we had Carmen to walk us through it. I was emailing, calling, and texting him all the time! He was ALWAYS there to answer my questions right away. He made the complicated process of buying a home easier and much more enjoyable. To be perfectly honest, as excited as I was when the process was over and we could move into our very first home…I was also sad. I knew we’d miss Carmen! Not only did we buy a home, we met an incredible, knowledgable, caring, and honest person who we most definitely consider a friend. We can never thank him enough for his help and his honesty (I cannot stress his honesty enough!) I usually don’t write reviews, but I’ve never been so passionate about recommending someone! If you are looking for someone to help you navigate through the difficult world of real estate, trust me…Carmen is your man!

Scott & Andrea Faulkner
Dallas, TX

First, we feel like we benefited from working with Carmen because he not only kept us informed along the way, but also told us the “why” behind every action taken and ensured us that we had complete knowledge of each transaction and communication that took place. At no point did he ever make us feel confused or unsure about a situation and was knowledgeable enough to know when that might happen, and took a proactive approach to thwart it.

Working with Carmen was a success because he made us feel like we were his only clients. He did a phenomenal job at making us feel he was available around the clock and that we were his sole clients. We never felt rushed nor did we ever need to make a decision based upon quick or rushed information relayed to us. We also believe working with Carmen was such a success due to his knowledge of the Dallas area, and examining and relaying statistics and patterns to us to help us make informed decisions. He knew exactly what we were looking for and made certain he was going to follow through with the exact residence. We truly believe we closed on the perfect house for us, which, in such a multiple offer situation most houses become in right now, Carmen’s experience helped us obtain the best offer!

We would and HAVE recommended Carmen to everyone we know so far. He made the buying of a new home a very enjoyable experience!!

Joe Droege
East Dallas

My wife and I recently purchased a house after looking for the perfect place for about six months. Our needs were fairly specific as we needed room for us along with our two kids and fairly large dog. In addition we wanted a pool and it had to fit our budget.

We are so thankful that Carmen Dipenti represented us not only in the purchase of our new house but also in the sale of our old house. He really took the time to listen to our wants and needs. The whole time he kept our budget in mind and offered helpful tips along the way.

Through the search for a new home we probably changed our mind at least a dozen times. Carmen was very understanding and was always willing to update the search and show us what we wanted to see as well as anything he felt we needed to see. If we saw something on paper that appeared ok but a problem stood out to him he wasn’t scared to call and share his concerns. He was looking out for our best interest all the way.

Once we found a home and made an offer Carmen carefully explained the process. He told us everything that possibly could happen and prepared us for any curves that may come our way. This came in handy as curves did get thrown at us and we were ready. We even managed to use some of those curves to our advantage during negotiations. In the end we walked away with the exact house we had hoped for at a much better price than we expected.

Carmen patiently waited for us to move into the new home so he could list our old one. He made recommendations on what repairs we should make and then again waited patiently for us to make them. When it came time to list we had a whirlwind of offers. The house was booked solid with showings for an entire weekend. Offers begin to come in faster than we ever could have imagined.

Once all the offers were in Carmen sat down with us and went through each one. He helped us select the offer that made the most sense for us and our needs. Once again we profited because the price we were paid for our house was much higher than what we had originally thought. Had it been up to us we would have listed much lower but Carmen was diligent in research and studying comps to make sure we got what our home was truly worth instead of what we thought it was worth.

Carmen was professional, prepared and knowledgeable. He truly cared that our family found a home that suited our needs. We are still over joyed with our home but when the time comes to move again we will definitely use Carmen as our realtor.

Bryan and Trish Elder
Little Elm, TX

My husband and I were first-time homeowners for two years.  We lived in a transitional neighborhood in East Dallas and casually decided we wanted to plant our permanent roots in North Dallas someday.  The real estate buying/selling process has morphed over the last decade with the advent of technology and real estate websites and our story and time with Carmen reflects this evolution.  We knew what we wanted in a house and what area it needed to be in, and like most people, we had access to look at homes from the leisure of our couch with various real estate apps, before we ever even had a realtor.  Before we knew what hit us, we found a house that we both fell in love with.  It was so fast and unexpected, but we loved it! We knew how hot the Dallas market was and had lots of fear and questions. We had never sold a house and bought one at the same time.  How does it work?? What if our house doesn’t sell?? What if we lose the house we love??  We asked a friend who recently purchased a home who they would recommend and they emphatically SHOUTED at us, “Carmen!”  We trusted their judgement and decided to call him and tell him our situation.

Absolutely, from the beginning, we never had a doubt we made the right decision.  Carmen encouraged us to view other houses besides the one we liked.  It was important for us to be clear and have options and houses to contrast against the one we loved.  He even found houses that weren’t on our real estate apps.  Like most house-hunters, my husband and I tended to be emotional. Each one we visited, Carmen was objective and honest in his critique.   At the same time, we never once felt pressure or a preference from Carmen.  This is a fine line to walk for a realtor and Carmen does it naturally.

When we decided the original house was the one for us, we had to act quickly to put our house on the market.  We had a unique and tricky house; lots of renovations and upgrades but in a questionable area.  We were afraid it was unpredictable.  Carmen came in confidently on the high end.  He prepared the house to go onto the market in record speed.  There was an amazing glossy informational collateral center, a photo tour, and he helped simplify and generalize our décor.  We put the house on the market on a Friday.  By Monday, we had 10 tours and 8 offers. He navigated and negotiated this absolutely to perfection.  We ended up with an all cash offer, over asking, and closed in 7 days.  Now that I know the process and complexities, trust me when I say, ONLY a true real estate professional could accomplish this feat.

We took a while to write this review because we wanted it to be perfect.  Not just because Carmen exceeded our real estate expectations, but because now Carmen is personal to us.  Carmen is a friend.  Real estate buying and selling has changed drastically in a short amount of time.  Gone are the days of looking in newspapers and real estate magazines.  Things are faster now, a little more hectic.  In the past a realtor’s value came from providing options and access to information consumers didn’t have access to.  In 2016, realtors need to be service-minded.  They need to help navigate the process and make it as seamless and easy as possible for their clients.  While Carmen can navigate both these models with ease, we think he is shines as a contemporary.  We could not have asked for a better experience with a realtor, in all aspects. Emotionally, financially, pragmatically.  Carmen has it all.  I don’t want to put my phone number on here, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carmen to ask for our info or a more direct referral.  He has our permission to give it out and we would love to talk about him!

Robb & Scott Sames
Plano, TX

Shortly after reaching the decision to purchase a house in the Dallas “M Streets” for our two college students, we had the good fortune of meeting Carmen at an open house. We really liked his friendly personality and “no pressure” approach and decided to call him to arrange an appointment to view a prospective house. He was willing to work within our tight schedule, as we live two hours away. At this appointment, we received a wealth of education from Carmen and instantly felt comfortable making the decision to select him as the professional to guide us through this complicated and financially significant process. What a good decision on our part!

This was the beginning of a seven-month process of working with Carmen, and having the pleasure of getting to know him and developing an appreciation for his expertise, commitment, ethics, professionalism, and the fact he is a great person. He always listened to our needs and made our best interests his top priority. Through this time period, our discerning and frequently “perfectionist” nature would have certainly tested the patience of most realtors, but not Carmen. He always remained upbeat and optimistic, even when a deal fell through or we opted out.

One of many outstanding traits is his availability, promptly responding to phone calls, emails, and texts, along with meeting us on literally a moment’s notice. His focus on making our house-hunting visits to Dallas as efficient as possible by learning what we wanted and needed in a property, prescreening houses, and not being afraid to say when he knew a property was not in our best interest.

After months of looking and a great deal of time, effort, and hand-holding from Carmen, we did find a great property at the right location and price. He provides his clients with recommendations for inspectors, mortgage lenders, and other professionals with which he has personal experience. We used a recommended local lender, who provided a seamless loan acquisition and closing process.

The downside of purchasing our house is that we no longer get to see Carmen frequently. The considerable amount of time together led to our friendship, and we really miss running to Dallas to look at houses with him. We are excited to recommend Carmen to anyone for their real estate needs.

Dr. Rob and Stephanie Jones
Tyler, Texas

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Realtor, Carmen DiPenti with Dave Perry Miller for his impeccable service in assisting us with selling and buying a new home (Sold 3/15/2016 Bought 3/17/2016).   After four exhausting interviews with other realtor companies that had sale fast agenda at any cost; we knew this gentleman would be perfect to sell our home of 23 years, and assist with the purchase of our new home.  On our initial call we were scheduled an interview for the next day.  During the interview we were presented with an impressive portfolio of our home including all the demographics of the area, WOW! Carmen with his knowledge and expertise answered all of our questions and provided us with outstanding advice about how to prepare our home for sale. The possession and exhibit of his professionalism was top notch, OH this was just the interview!During the process of selling and buying Carmen was very hands on. He provided a profile on the house for people touring. He promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place as soon as possible. He worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette, and documentation.

After an inspection revealed deficiencies with the house that we were selling, Carmen’s calm reassurance and expert advice was outstanding; making this nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success!  Carmen also has a solid knowledge of home construction. He was quick to notice where the builder of the new home we bought (or more likely the “do it yourself” owner) had taken some shortcuts that could have potential problems down the road.

We can’t say enough about his professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections. He brought all these qualities to the table, and it didn’t stop at the real estate transaction. We were provided with very helpful information on transitioning to our new home/community.

This guy is our Real Estate Superhero!! He was truly faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!!Any day all day, we would recommend Carmen as a great Real Estate agent, willing to go beyond the expectations of a potential Real Estate buyer or seller.

Rosilyn & Glenn Pruitt
Oak Cliff

A young couple moved to Dallas and had Carmen as their realtor. They highly recommended Carmen to her father, a realtor I was using outside of Dallas. He recommended Carmen to me and what a favor that was. After being retired and living in my condo in Dallas for 20+ years, Carmen was an unexpected joy to work with. He explained every process, arranged all necessary work to be done. and kept me comfortable throughout the entire process including closing 4 weeks later!. I could not, would not recommend anyone else, if you are looking for the best. So, anyone considering an agent in your future, call him now or get in line to take a number. That’s how good he is!

Linda Walker
Lake Kiowa

Carmen is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy Realtors.  His extensive knowledge, persistence and attention to detail is never in doubt nor will he disappoint.  If you are looking for resolution in a home buying or selling process, I highly recommend Carmen as your residential Realtor.

James P.

Carmen DiPenti is a dedicated, hard working, and honest agent. My fiancé and I weren’t necessarily looking to buy a home in the immediate future, but we saw a few houses online that peaked our interest. Even though we let Carmen know that we were in no rush to buy,  he was very willing to show us all the homes we wanted to see and answered all of our newbie questions. He showed us many homes and gave his honest, professional opinion on each, pointing out the pros on cons at the different listings.  We ended up falling in love with a home and decided to buy. We couldn’t have asked for an easier, more pleasant experience, and Carmen got us through closing quickly and without any problems.  Even if you are only starting your search, call Carmen! I couldn’t recommend him more.

Tawney Carter & Jordan Bailey
Oak Cliff

We were very lucky to meet Carmen at an open house and have him help us with the search for our new home in Dallas. We recently moved to Texas and knew almost no one and very little about the area. Carmen took the time show/explain the different areas to us, find out what we wanted and what was important to us, and help us find just what we were looking for. He made himself available on practically no notice so that we could see any listing we wanted to see.

Once we found the right place he knew just how to handle the offer so that we got an acceptance quickly, before/over competing offers, and still below list.

Carmen’s service and attention to detail didn’t stop after the offer was accepted. He helped handle every aspect of the process including, finding financing that could close very quickly, evaluating comps to make sure we were making a good purchase, helping us find inspectors, designers and contractors, and making sure everyone was on track for the scheduled closing date. Because of his knowledge, focus on every step of the process, and relationships with others involved, we were able to go from offer to closed in 30 days. I’m sure this helped us get the home over other buyers in a very competitive market.

Obviously, based on our experience we would recommend Carmen if you are looking for someone to handle your real estate purchase or sale. But even if you’re not looking to buy or sell right now, you couldn’t ask to meet a nicer person.

Tom & Deb Boland

When our elderly parents needed to sell their long-time family home,   Carmen DiPenti was recommended to list the property.  We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, caring, and attentive agent.  He was always available, either by text/email/phone, and kept us updated and informed throughout the process.  We felt like he worked extremely hard to see our parents receive the maximum gain from the sale of their home. It was clear he had compassion for our family’s situation and wanted to do an excellent job for us!

Without hesitation, we would recommend him to any friend or family member who was in need of an agent!

Gary and Linda Stowe



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